The Institution Innovation Council of St. Francis College (IIC) was established under the guidelines of MHRD and is dedicated to promoting innovation and entrepreneurship among its faculty members and students as a non-profit unit. The IIC of St. Francis College has been established to synthesize a vibrant innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem to develop indigenous and sustainable solutions for addressing societal needs. IIC supports staff, students, alumni, faculty members, and industry partners in creating successful business ventures that can translate the innovative ideas developed in the academic process to reach out to the public as products, processes, and services to benefit society at large, which reinforces the institution’s overall vision.

To establish a vibrant innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem to develop indigenous and sustainable solutions for addressing societal needs.

• To create a strong innovation ecosystem encompassing young innovative minds of students and the research experience of faculty members to develop sustainable solutions for addressing the problems faced by industry and society.
• To promote entrepreneurship in the key thrust areas (as per MIC) by strengthening industry-institute collaboration.
• To partner with government, industry, alumni networks, angel investors, and venture capitalists to facilitate the smooth realization of innovations from ideation to the commercialization stage.

IIC- St. Francis College Council Members / CMR-IT Mentor Members

S.NO Name of the member Designation Key Role/Position Assigned in IIC
1 Brother Peter Director IIC President
2 Brother Titus Anto Deputy Director Member
3 Dr. RN Subba Rao Principal Member
4 Prof. Karthik P Vice Principal Member
5 Dr. Pankaj A Tiwari Assistant Professor IIC Convener / NIRF Innovation (ARIIA) Coordinator
6 Prof Nikita Joshi Assistant Professor Start-Up / Incubation Coordinator
7 Dr. Poornima S Jogi Assistant Professor YUKTI Coordinator
8 Dr. Iyappan M Assistant Professor Innovation Activity Coordinator
9 Dr Ambika N Assistant Professor Innovation Activity Coordinator
10 Prof Anusha N Assistant Professor Entrepreneurship Cell Coordinator
11 Dr Pushpalatha Assistant Professor Research & Innovation Cell Coordinator
12 Dr M Angel Shalini Assistant Professor IPR & KAPILA Coordinator
13 Dr Naveen Prasath Assistant Professor KAPILA Coordinator
14 Ms. Smitha Koshy Placement Officer IIIC Coordinator – Internship Activity Coordinator
15 Prof Vandana Revankar Assistant Professor Internship Activity Coordinator
16 Mr. Prince PriyaRaj Assistant Professor Social Media Coordinator
17 Mr. Alan Job Jose Assistant Professor Social Media Coordinator
18 Ms. Sabitha S Assistant Professor NIRF Coordinator & IQAC
19 Dr. Chandrika P Reddy Assistant Professor IIC Internal Member (St. Francis College)
20 Dr. Meenakshi Patil Assistant Professor IIC External Member (NISP Coordinator – CMRIT)
21 Dr Shanthi M Assistant Professor Mentor – CMRIT
22 Dr Vakula R Assistant Professor CMRIT MM Coordinator

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