On Women's Day, the Infosys Bangalore Campus celebrated a vibrant event attended by enthusiastic St. Francis College girls under the guidance of Dr. Pankaj Tiwari, PMP (Research and Innovation Head) and Smitha Koshy (Training and Placement Head). The occasion was not only a tribute to women but also marked the inauguration of "Pargati: Path to Future" (an Infosys Springboard initiative), which was a testament to the power of empowerment and unity. It was an honor to have inspirational senior executives and speakers Thirumala Arohi Mamunooru, Padma Bhamidipati, Pruthvi Adisesha, and Svati Bhargava share their insights, experiences, and vision for a brighter future. Their stories resonated deeply, sparking motivation and fostering a sense of community. The campus buzzed with energy as students actively participated in discussions, workshops, and engaging activities, emphasizing empowerment and equality. The collaboration with St. Francis College brought a diverse perspective, fostering an inclusive environment. The Infosys Springboard inauguration added an exciting dimension, symbolizing innovation and growth. The event showcased a commitment to fostering female talent and creating opportunities, reinforcing Infosys' dedication to a diverse and inclusive workplace. Infosys Senior Leadership team appreciated the enthusiasm of both the faculty and the students on the occasion of International Women's Day (8th March 2024).

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