• Create awareness about the benefits of Intellectual property among the student category of society.
• Support the students understanding better about the intellectual property rights and its benefits in individual’s profession.

• Apply intellectual property rights principles (including copyright, patents, designs and trademarks) to real time life problems and analyzethe social impact of the same.
• Apply the knowledge of intellectual property rights inreal time job/business/ other profession for the creation of a product/ design.

To begin with the program opened with a prayer song to lift the spirits of the audience, which was then followed by a welcome speech given by Ms G K Swathi (1st MBA).
Then our esteemed Deputy Director - Brother Peter, addressed the gathering with his vibrant speech.
Following this Mr Syed ShahidAhmed( 1st MBA) introduced the chief guest, Mr C Naveen Andrew, who is the Deputy Controller of Patents & designs.
Then the guest speaker opened the lecture with the introduction to intellectual property rights,as to what is IPR, types of IPR and its purposes. The session continued with an in depth explanation about the usage, benefits and applicability of Patents, Copyrights, Designs, Trademarks, Geographical indicatorsetc..
The Resource Person, specified how IPR plays a role for business men, scholars and academicians. The speaker used real time examples to connect the topic with the students’ audience group. The speaker lastly winded up the session by explaining the procedures to apply for IPR and about the protocols to be followed while applying for IPR.
Then lastly, the session was followed with question & answer section where the students got an opportunity to clarify their doubts. The Q & A session was followed by the Vote of Thanks proposed by Ms. Divya G(1st MBA).
The session of NIPAM-KAPILA programmeconcluded with the National Anthem.

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