Date : 02/08/2022
Speaker : Dharma Teja – I MBA Student
Organized by : Department of Post Graduation
Learning Objective :
Create awareness among each individual student in having hands on basic IT skills which enables them to cope up with the minimum technical requirements of the corporate world.

Learning Outcome :
Apply the knowledge gained, to their day to day work life to simplify their tasks and to complete the targets with more in-depth knowledge and skills.

To begin with, Mr. Dharma Teja (Student of I MBA) was the speaker of the session who had come forward to share the knowledge of technical skills that he possessed.
Teja started the session with the basic concept of Microsoft word and its uses. He further moved to explain about the importance of typing skills and how it plays a major role in getting placed at MNCs.
He brought the best typing applications to the notice of the students which will help them to have a regular practice on typing which was absolutely free of cost. Dharma Teja further taught the individuals about how to create the documents, editing the documents, replacing the text, formatting the text, clipart, inserting charts, setting ruler, mail merge and so in the word.
Teja, also taught the students the methods of dealing with Microsoft excel. He particularly focused on making the students to understand the various functionalities of excel which includes different operators like arithmetic operators, comparison operators, text concatenation operators, reference operators etc and different functions like date and time function, statistical function, financial function, mathematical function etc that perform their concerned task.
He also highlighted the VLOOKUP and HLOOKUP functions which are widely used in the excel in the various fields like finance, sales, marketing.

Not just sticking on to the technical skills, in addition to it he also favored the students in knowing the official and reputed sites that provide certification courses for free of cost which will help the resumes of the students carrying more weightage while applying for the jobs.

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