Date: 27th July 2022
Time: 10:45-11:45 am
Organized by: Department of Post Graduate Studies (MBA)

Develop an in-depth knowledge on the expectations of the corporate in terms of managerial skills.

Apply and integrate their learning to match the corporate expectations to settle themselves with groomed personality and skills for future job/ business.
To begin with, the event started with the welcome speech given by Ms. Ashwini (I MBA), followed by Chief Guest Profile introduction by Ms. Bindu (I MBA).
Then our chief guest PAUL CHEMBIAN addressed the students regarding managerial skills required to develop in each and every individual’s life.
He insisted that, we can learn management skills from every object / living being around us, say, let it be an ANT too. So, he gave an example of ANT, through which we can learn management skills like (team work and unity, persistent, hard work, positivity etc,) and how effectively we can apply the same managerial concepts in our work place or in organization. Also he taught us the significance of the corporate skills which are expected from us and how to learn and inculcate the same skills in us.
The session was followed by Question and Answers session and lastly the Vote of Thanks was given by Ms. Aishwini.

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