Ms. Nethra R

Assistant Professor & HOD
Department of Management

Qualification: MBA
Current Status: Assistant Professor & HOD, Department of Management
Date of Joined: 3/8/2020
Total Experience: 9 years
Teaching : 9 years
Industry : Nil

Self motivated individual with a passion for teaching the young minds.She is a committed, enthusiastic and emotionally energetic person who always works to add new insights to the learners life .


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Publication: Journal Details

1.Nethra R " Impact of Psychologicalcontract on Employee Engagement" , International Journal of Research and Analytical Review,Volume 6 ,2019, Article ID 19J1679
2.Nethra R " "Impact of Technology on Education" Journal of Emerging Technologies and Innovative Research, volume 6 ,2019 Journal No: 63975.
3.Nethra R " Green HRM for sustainable Competitive Advantage " , Journal of Emerging Technologies and Innovative Research" volume 8 2021, Journal No: 63975.

Presentation : International Conference

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Presentation : National Conference

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