Date(s) of Event : 17/11/2023 & 18/11/2023
Department / Association : Commerce (Commerce Club - Unicorn Squad)
Venue : 4th Floor Seminar Hall (Offline)
Target Audience : UG Students from Department of Commerce

At the heart of your business success lies a successful strategy: Business quiz, an event for business enthusiasts to test their business knowledge and outsmart the competition.

Unicorn squad - The Francisian commerce club conducted The Business Quiz , the first activity for the academic year 2022-23. The event was scheduled and conducted on two days, 17th November and 18th November 2023 respectively. Ms.Prerana and Ms.Priyanka from the department of commerce was the faculty coordinators for the event. Dhanush from V semester B.Com B, Prathik from III semester B.Com D and Sneha from I semester B.Com were the student coordinators for the event. The objective of conducting the event was to engage and encourage students to participate in the battle of business minds.

With a sound plan and the core team's support the occasion gathered 35 teams consisting of two members, a whole lot of 69 participants came together to battle the ultimate test of business trivia.

The event had 2 rounds.
Round No Name of the Round Venue Date Time
1. Prelims 4th floor seminar hall 17/11/2023 2:30 PM
2. Finale 4th floor seminar hall 18/11/2023 2:30 PM
The 1st round, that's the preliminary round, began with Prerana Mam engaging the students, setting up the room to draw the participants further into the event, then the instructions were being stated. Without any delay the event proceeded with the introduction of Quizizz app, a platform wherein participants should participate virtually and answer questions within a certain time. There were 10 teams that got shortlisted during this round.

The 2nd Round took place right the next day of the 1st round wherein the qualified 10 team members were all set to attack each other this round got were of two subrounds, one containing the Quizizz app questions and the other one was to guess the tagline with this we got our 5 final teams who played the last and final round creating a nail biting situation by giving a tough competition to each other.

The final round got really fascinating with two sub-rounds in it, one wherein the participants had to guess the logo and the other being the audio round, the competition was so intense that the winners ended up in a tie. This affirms that we've got amazing minds, definitely the best start of Commerce Club 2023-24.

Sukesh & Varun from V Semester B com B secured the first place
Krithik V and Neha from III Semester Bcom A secured 2nd place
Santhosh and Nithish from III Semester bcom A&F secured 3rd place.

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