Name of the event :Azure Machine Learning and Data Analytics
Date : May 29th to May 31st 2023
Time : 9:00 Am to 4:00 PM
Venue: Reading Room
No of Participants : Sixteen (16)
Event coordinator : Ms Sabitha S
Resource person : Mega B S & Vijay B R, Mevi Technologies LLP

Objective :
• Understand how to apply data science and machine learning principles and techniques using Azure ML's robust, cloud-based platform.
• Discover how Azure's Automated Machine Learning can simplify the model development process and enhance efficiency by automatically tuning hyperparameters, selecting algorithms, and handling other tasks.

Outcome :
• Master Data Science and MachineLearning Models using Azure ML.
• AzureML SDK for Python for completeMachine Learning Lifecycle.
• Azure Automated Machine Learning forfaster and efficient Machine Learningmodel development and deployment
• Build Machine Learning models within minutes
• Deploy Machine Learning webservices in the simplest manner
• Model the data using Power BI

Azure Machine Learning and Data Analytics

The 3-Day Faculty Development Program (FDP) on AZURE Machine Learning and Data Analytics, organized by Dept of BCA in association with IQACM, was held from May 29th to 31sr 2023. The program aimed to equip faculty members with the necessary knowledge and skills to integrate AZURE Machine Learning and Data Analytics into their teaching and research activities. The FDP comprised a series of insightful sessions, interactive workshops, and hands-on exercises, led by renowned industry experts and trainers from Mevi Technologies.

Key Highlights:
Inaugural Session: The FDP commenced with a welcome address by Dr.Geethanjali.The session highlighted the importance of AZURE Machine Learning and Data Analytics in the current digital landscape and emphasized the need for faculty members to adapt and stay updated. The FDP began with a prayer seeking god’s blessings which was led by Ms. Prabha Susy Mathew. Dr. R N Subba Rao, Principal and Bro. Peter, Asst Director addressed the gathering and spoke about the importance of attending such FDPs

Expert-led Sessions: Throughout the three-day program, expert trainers delivered engaging and informative sessions on various aspects of AZURE Machine Learning and Data Analytics. The sessions covered topics such as data preprocessing, machine learning algorithms, model evaluation, cloud-based analytics using AZURE, and best practices for data analytics projects.

Hands-on Workshops: Participants actively engaged in hands-on workshops, where they had the opportunity to apply their knowledge and skills using AZURE Machine Learning tools and platforms. The workshops provided a practical learning experience, allowing participants to explore and experiment with real-world datasets and scenarios. Certification: At the end of the program, participants were awarded certificates of completion, acknowledging their active participation and successful completion of the FDP on AZURE Machine Learning and Data Analytics. The certificates will serve as a testament to their professional development and enhance their credentials in the field.

The 3-Day FDP on AZURE Machine Learning and Data Analytics by Mevi Technologies proved to be a resounding success. It provided faculty members with valuable insights, practical skills, and a broader understanding of the applications of AZURE Machine Learning and Data Analytics. The program fostered a spirit of collaboration, learning, and innovation, setting the stage for further advancements in this rapidly evolving field.


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